Oak Lawn

As one of the largest of Chicago's southwest suburbs with a population of just over 57,000, Oak Lawn enjoys a great location with close proximity to area tollways, a diverse tax base with both large and small businesses, shopping and restaurants--everything a potential homeowner needs!

The housing stock is varied with ranches, split levels, Cape Cods and two-story homes. Although much of Oak Lawn was built in the late 1940's to 1950's, there are also many homes built in the years afterwards giving homebuyers a wide range of styles and ages to choose from. A revitalized downtown area and interest from national and regional companies has added to a community that is moving forward and not resting on its laurels.

The Oak Lawn Public Library is easily recognized as one of the finest in the southwest suburbs with special programs for all ages from toddlers to seniors and everyone in between.

A vibrant park district features Stony Creek Golf Complex, two swimming pools, an adult and children's theatre program, numerous parks and playgrounds. Included are Centennial Park, a 38-acre recreation center and the Community Pavilion which features a fitness center, walking track and numerous basketball, volleyball and soccer courts for residents of all ages. It even features a recently developed dog park for Fido!

The much-anticipated opening of Mariano’s supermarket that took place in October, 2014 is the first business to open in the Stony Creek Promenade at 111th and Cicero which will also include a Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant.